Webinar – The Road to DMARC Policy Compliance, 29th November, 10am

Adoption of DMARC Protocol is essential for Central & Local Government organisations to defend against phishing & cyber attacks

A recent study has revealed a startling lack of protection against email fraud, leaving millions of citizens exposed to the threat of phishing attacks.

According to a recent report, 84% of local authorities in England lack adequate cyber defences.

The research highlights that many councils are failing to meet government recommendations, despite The National Cyber Security Centre announcing new local authority security guidelines in 2016, stating that “Widespread adoption of the DMARC protocol is essential to defend against targeted cyber threats.”

Join us for our webinar “The Road to DMARC Policy Compliance” on 29th November at 10am where our strategic partner Proofpoint will discuss the drivers and benefits of implementing DMARC as well as demonstrate how we have helped central and local government organisations uncover and stop millions of damaging phishing emails.

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