Security Testing

A range of audits and assessments using technical and non-technical means to test your organisations defences and resilience against adverse events, including hostile attack

This assessment uses a combination of both automated tools and manual testing techniques to evaluate the security of your IT systems.
This test follows a set methodology using manual techniques to identify and exploit discovered weaknesses
This test follows a set methodology and manual techniques to identify and exploit discovered weaknesses
Phishing campaigns are email and telephone based, the purpose is to identify staff open security awareness
Ensuring the defences you have in place are robust enough to cope with todays advancing malware threats
This assesses the boundary defences of your organisation
This offers you a comprehensive view of your servers’ security status, this is mainly on host auditing with authenticated scanning.
This gives you a comprehensive view of what is possible from a user’s perspective, this is mainly testing for privilege escalation.
This test follows a set methodology and manual techniques to identify and exploit discovered weaknesses
This process assesses the security posture of routers and switches
This assessment ascertains if appropriate security measures have been implemented to ensure only authorised personnel can connect to the network.
This is a detailed security review of an application’s source code following a set methodology and using a combination of automated and manual analysis techniques
This assessment provides an invaluable service identifying security vulnerabilities in your overall security architecture

Assessment Packages

Capita Cyber Security can also provide bespoke packages tailored to your specific organisational requirements where necessary.

This is an entry point assessment pack ideal for companies that have not previously assessed their external perimeter.

It combines a set of detailed tests and is designed to highlight which of the company assets, carry the greatest exposure to external threats.

The tests enable an accurate understanding of the vulnerabilities that exist and highlight areas where mitigation / preventative actions should be taken before an event occurs.

A series of combined Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment Packages
which can be used to test vulnerabilities within specific areas of an organisations infrastructure.

Network Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment – assessing the resilience of your infrastructure against compromise

Web Application Penetration Test & Vulnerability Assessment – assessing the resilience of your web applications against compromise

Mobile Application Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment – assessing the resilience of your on device applications and server side APIs against compromise

This combination of Network Penetration testing of your cloud infrastructure together with Web Application
Penetration Testing of the associated SaaS application can be used to provide customers with an assurance that their Cloud hosted infrastructure and SaaS applications are secure.

This package has been designed specifically in line with the various security testing requirements detailed in the PCI Data Security Standard.

This package has been designed to provide application developers with an assurance that their mobile client applications, server back end and application communications are secure.

Combining a server side application security test; an iOS and/or Android client app test and a client-server communication test.

This package examines the security of the user’s desktop and the protection in place to avoid contamination by, and propagation of, malware.

Combining a workstation build review (Client Security Evaluation) and Malware Defence Testing package to provide organisations with assurance that their desktop and malware defence controls are operational and effective

Assessments under a sanctioned and controlled testing structure to identify the risk level and vulnerabilities within your organisation to a Phishing attack.

Capita will then work with your organisation to develop a programme to address key issues and risks based on the outcomes of the Phishing Campaign Assessment.

a series of packaged training and certification programmes and interactive digital simulation packages specifically designed to educate and increase awareness within your workforce thereby building cyber resilience across your organisation.

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