It only takes one……… Cyber Awareness Training

Are you one of the 69% of UK organisations* who are not providing cyber security awareness training to your non-cyber security or IT specialist employees?

Information lies at the heart of every successful enterprise, and ensuring your most valuable asset – information – remains secure from cyber-attack is now a critical priority for every organisation.

Many organisations continue to invest in multiple layers of ‘intelligent’ technical controls to protect themselves from cyber-attackers. Yet, security breaches continue to grow in their scale and impact.

There’s something missing in our organisational response to the risks we all face – a new approach is needed.

Introducing RESILIA™ Frontline cyber security awareness training
RESILIA Frontline – approved by GCT – GCHQ Certified Training ­– is a suite of engaging, relevant and innovative online learning modules created by world leading international experts and designed to give your employees, regardless of their role or responsibility, the simple, practical guidance they need to make the right decisions at the right time, in the face of sustained cyber-attacks and digital exploitation.

Want to know how you can make your people your greatest defence against cyber-attack with RESILIA™ Frontline?

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* UK Government Cyber Security Breaches survey 2017

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